Edge of Realization

Edge of Realization

This is my lovely friend Kelly. Kelly is one of those people that easily makes you feel welcomed and accepted. She was my first real model. She was really great to work with, and a natural model. The Yosemite fires were going on at this time, and we weren’t really sure if it was the best day for shooting because of the haze. It actually created the perfect ambient lighting for the shoot. The photo was shot partly in Woodward Park in Fresno, and partly downtown (Security Bank Building).

From the ‘Dreaming in Light’ series



Sometimes you get tired of waiting. Tired of trying. There’s an area of my life that seems to be taking forever to find complete answers to. Saw the fog on my way home and felt compelled to go grab my camera. Haven’t shot for a while. It’s dreary, but there’s a beauty in the bleakness.

Sketch of the Day


Today I started back into drawing/ painting. It’s been about 2 months since I painted! I think the break has made me realize how much I love it. It felt sooo good to do a little drawing/ watercolor this morning. It’s spring, and I have the kitchen window open. Kramer (my dog) is sleeping peacefully on my bed. I felt so happy and peaceful working on art this morning. I can’t wait to paint more! I am titling this ‘Celestial’.